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How do Foreclosures Work?

How Do Foreclosures Work? When a mortgage lender forecloses, it takes possession of the home. This process can be either judicial or non-judicial, depending on state laws. Fortunately, there are ways to save your home and avoid foreclosure. The key...


How to Find Real Estate Foreclosures

There are many ways to find real estate foreclosures, including through your agent, websites of bank-owned properties, and government agencies. Buying a foreclosed home is a great deal for some buyer...


The Benefits of Working With a Realtor in Real Estate Foreclosures

If you are in the market for a new house, foreclosure real estate is a great place to start. Foreclosures can be tricky, especially if you...


How Does the Process Work in Real Estate Foreclosure?

If you're interested in buying a foreclosed home, you've probably asked yourself, "How does the process work?" There are many different steps that you will need to t...


What is a Real Estate Foreclosure?

The first step in real estate foreclosure is to notify the owner of the property. A notice may be posted on the front door of the property and warns the borrower of the imminent danger. The lender can a...