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The real estate industry is one of the main ways to generate meaningful wealth throughout the United States. The catch? It's often intimidating, expensive, and risky for the average American to enter on their own without the proper support and guidance.

Frustrated by this reality, founder Brian Iacaponi, an entrepreneur and real estate investor himself, decided to build a one-stop resource for those new to real estate and all of the opportunities it unlocked. From those wishing to purchase their first house to wannabe real estate investors, our mission has been to empower those who wish to learn the process to see what purchasing a foreclosure can do for them.

Browse over 75,000 real estate foreclosure listings, along with a diverse, knowledgeable community of real estate enthusiasts like yourself interested in foreclosures. We created an exclusive, members-only course that teaches everything from, "What is a Foreclosure?" all the way to understanding due diligence, how to source off-market deals, financing options, legal considerations, and much, much more. We even have a section about ChatGPT/AI and its impact on real estate investing! In addition, the foreclosure knowledge center is complete with articles, guides, and eBooks to continue your learning and supplement our course. You can discuss real estate challenges with like-minded folks and share tips, tricks, and experiences.

Like you, we were curious about foreclosures and made the decision to start our journey. Isn't it time for you to start yours? Join today.

Brian Iacaponi, MBA

Founder & Head Coach

Brian Iacaponi is a successful real estate investor and licensed real estate agent with over 15 years of experience in real estate. Brian has a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with properties in 3 different states -- RI, NC, and MA.

As the founder of RealEstateForeclosures.com and a sought-after speaker, Brian's expertise and insights have been featured in various online media, such as WBSM Talk Radio and real estate and entrepreneurial-themed podcasts.

Brian holds MBA and BS degrees from the Charlton College of Business at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. When not helping others on their journey, he enjoys spending time with his family, running, hiking, and traveling.

He doesn't claim to always live by it, but his motto in life is pretty simple: Go do.

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We have a growing community of likeminded individuals from around the United States. Share stories, information, and tips and take advantage of being part of a great group of people.

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As they say, knowledge is power. Take full advantage of what we have to offer by browsing our thousands of articles, eBooks, and curated videos. It's our Masterclass on real estate investing 101 for the beginner.

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Browse over 75,000 real estate foreclosures. Find your favorites, review the details, and start the journey. We'll be here every step of the way to assist.